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Root Explorer for Android

  • Paid
  • In English
  • Version: 4.8.1

Useful Software for File Management

Root Explorer is special software that promises to make file management a breeze. The software comes packed with tools and features that have been created to help users perform a wide range of different types of file management tasks.

Taking Control of Your Files

One of the great things about Root Explorer is that while the software is packed with features, it does not take too much technical knowhow to be able to figure out the various tools. This is largely due to the very clear and intuitive interface, while there are prompts available to help guide first time users. However, it should be noted that the software has been created especially for Android users and people who are using other platforms will need to search for another option.

Getting to the Root of the Problem

People who are looking for an easy and effective way to manage files should make sure that they take a look at Root Explorer. However, with no free trial available to utilise, it is difficult to be absolutely sure that this is the right option and users may prefer to check out one of the free file management options before committing to paying out for the software.


  • Easy to add and remove accounts
  • Packed with useful features


  • Cannot create shortcuts in the home screen
  • No free trial available


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Root Explorer


Root Explorer 4.8.1 for Android


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